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How you can donate/support BTSUK 

BreakthestigmaUK is a C.I.C organisation and welcomes any donations you are kind enough to offer.

Your donations ensure we continue to reach our goals, raise awareness and help men all over the UK.

You can donate to us directly and if you wish to do so please message us via our social media platforms, or email us:


We also have T-Shirts and Wristbands now available to purchase! 


T-shirts are £15 each. Wristbands are £2.50 each 

If you wish to purchase a product again please contact us directly either through our social media pages or by email.    

How are your donations and support used? 

All donations are used to:

  • Keep the BTSUK operation running 

  • Allow BTSUK to organise events and fundraisers

  • Raise awareness about men's mental health 

  • Be the stepping stone for men in need of professional help

  • Give back to the community


If you have a particular sector you would like your donation put towards then please let us know!

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