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BreakthestigmaUK (BTSUK) Disclaimer


BreakthestigmaUK (BTSUK) C.I.C is a community interest company formed for the benefit of the male population of the United Kingdom as a majority, but also the general population of the United Kingdom. BTSUK uses all of its profits for the benefit of men’s mental health and to give back to the community.  


BTSUK was created to raise awareness, break the stigma surrounding men’s mental health, give back to the community, encourage everyone to help each other, help businesses to understand the importance of mental health, and provide links to professional help if it is required.


BTSUK does not in any capacity provide professional psychiatric help or replace professional psychiatric help.


All content posted on our website and/or platforms is based upon personal experiences and from professional sources/guidance.


We can help you get the professional help you need, but BTSUK should not be used to replace professional psychiatric help. If you have been advised or referred for professional help we encourage you to do so.


BTSUK takes no accountability for any external links we share on our website and/or platforms after it has been posted. All links are checked at the time of posting but if they are edited or changed after that time we are not accountable for the external content. Any external links providing inaccurate or harmful information in any capacity will be removed.

Any person wishing to volunteer their support to BreakthestigmaUK (BTSUK) is welcomed.

When acting as a supporting volunteer you are expected to do so in good faith and in accordance with the signed contractual agreement between yourself and BTSUK.

BTSUK takes no accountability if the volunteering person acts out of accordance to the agreement and anyone acting out of the agreement will have their voluntary services terminated therefore ending the contractual agreement between the two parties.


Please note that this disclaimer is not our full terms and conditions and acts in conjunction with our full terms and conditions.  

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