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What is BreakthestigmaUK (BTSUK)...

BTSUK is a C.I.C. organisation. All profits are used to raise awareness and support for men's mental health and to give back to the community. 


BTSUK was founded by Ryan Scott.

Ryan has always been passionate about helping and supporting others after experiencing mental health himself.

Ryan's mental health struggles started as a young teenager and continued into his early adult years. It was a journey that almost cost him his life. 

Having now recovered, Ryan wanted to do something to help others. When he went through his darkest times he was fortunate to have a strong support network around him.


Ryan quickly realised that not everyone is lucky enough to have support like what he received and he wanted to do something about it.

Having always campaigned for men's mental health and supported men's mental health charities, Ryan decided to create an organisation that approached the subject in an entirely new way and BreakthestigmaUK (BTSUK) was formed. 

With more encouragement and understanding, we can all break the stigma surrounding men's mental health and reduce the suicide rate of men in the UK. 

You can read Ryan's story more in depth on our blog page

What we do...

BTSUK raises awareness about men's mental health in order to break the stigma surrounding the subject and ultimately reduce the suicide rate of men in the UK. 

BTSUK hosts events and community activities in order to raise awareness about mental health in general and bring the community together. 


BTSUK shares personal stories of mental health and professional information about men's mental health from qualified sources. 

BTSUK does not in any capacity replace professional psychiatric help, but we are the stepping stone for men in need. We will help anybody who contacts us on how to get in touch with professional help.

Sometimes people just do not know where to go when it comes to their mental health. So if they come to us, we help them in the right direction. 


BTSUK is about community and spreading the message it is ok to not be ok when it comes to mental health. We talk about our own personal experiences and share peoples experiences who are happy to share their stories. We do this to show everyone that you are not alone when it comes to mental health.

BTSUK helps businesses by encouraging them to support staff with mental health issues and the importance of mental health in the workplace. In return, the businesses we have helped witnessed a better return from their staff and an overall better working morale amongst their staff. 

You may have noticed BTSUK has a blog page. Our blog shares personal stories and information about men's mental health. 


What makes BTSUK different...

What makes us different is everyone at BTSUK has personally experienced mental health issues in their lifetime. Therefore we understand the complications when it comes to mental health and how daunting it is to talk about. 

We understand the importance of support and the feeling of isolation when you are experiencing mental health. 

Everyone at BTSUK has their story.

Now they want to help others get through theirs. 


Why we do it...

These facts below are some of the reasons BTSUK is doing what it is doing:

  • a man will die every TWO hours by suicide in the UK

  • men make up three in every four suicides 

  • Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 35 and in middle age men 

  • On average 12.5% of men in the UK suffer from one of the common mental health conditions. 

  • 1 in 8 men will experience some form of mental health in their lifetime

  • The suicide rate in men is higher than the suicide rate amongst woman

  • The majority of men see mental health as a weakness and therefore do not speak when they need to

  • Society has created a stigma surrounding men's mental health which needs to be broken

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